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1950 Chevrolet 3800 One Ton Flatbed


Immaculate, completely restored 1950 Chevrolet 3800 One Ton Flatbed truck. Fastidious attention to detail, no expense spared.


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    Offered for sale is an absolutely stunning, completely restored 1950 Chevrolet 3800 One Ton flatbed truck. The personal truck and project of a lifelong restoration specialist, not a dollar was spared on this labor of love and the results of his efforts are truly exceptional. The mirror black finish is entirely flawless, free of dings, scratches or imperfections of any kind. The fits an gaps of all the panels and components are perfect and there is absolutely no rust anywhere on the car. The chrome is spotless and the glass and rubber are perfect. Even the flatbed’s wood planks have been refinished. The interior is equally as clean as the exterior. The seats, carpets and interior panels have all been re-upholstered and the dash and interior chrome are all perfect.

    The car’s original, underpowered engine has been replaced with a newer 6 cylinder 290 which improves the ride quality substantially. Starting right up without any smoke or hesitation, it pulls the truck strongly and smoothly through each of the gears, making it a true joy to drive. This is also bolstered by the constant thumbs-ups and compliments the truck garners every time it’s on the road. Be it daily around-town driver, weekend garage queen or show truck, this Chevy will not disappoint.

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