1954 Austin-Healey 100-4


Charmingly vintage and thrillingly gutty at the same time, this first incarnation of the “Big” Healeys is in great condition. 100-4s are getting harder and harder to find and are sure to appreciate.


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    Offered for sale is an example of the first and most difficult-to-find iteration of the “Big” Healeys, a lovely little 100-4 finished in wonderfully era-specific white with black coves over a black interior with white piping. With its aggressive stance, gutty styling and throaty dual carbs, this car always immediately turns heads and is a blast to drive. 100-4s are becoming more and more difficult to come by, and this example, with its clean condition and original correct engine is sure to maintain its value and appreciate over the next few years. The car has a 4-speed BN2 transmission with overdrive, allowing for an excellent ride quality, whether roaring through the canyons or cruising along Highway 1.

    The car is as thrilling to look at as it is to drive, its two tone finish in great shape and marred only by the most minimal of imperfections, none of which show up in any of the pictures. It’s the ideal weekend driver – not so perfect as to keep it cloistered in the garage or in a trailer on the way to an event, but certainly gorgeous to look at. The brightwork is in great original condition, as are the knock-off wire wheels and the glass. The soft top and the car’s original side curtains are in excellent original condition. The car’s interior is equally as clean, sporting seats, carpets, interior panels and a dash that are all in excellent original condition.

    Having just undergone $2,300 of brake work and mechanical tuning, the car is a great driver. It’s easy to start without hesitation, pulls smoothly through all of the gears and with enough force to always induce a grin or draw the ire of the local authorities (whichever you’re more inclined towards). The car’s undercarriage and body are free of any structural rust and the car drives and brakes straight. The 100-4 is viscerally basic enough to provide a truly enjoyable, 1950s sports car drive quality that’s as fun as anything else from its era. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a beautiful and increasingly difficult to find example of an early Big Healey.

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