1958 BMW Isetta 600 “Limousine”


Finished in black over a two-tone red and white interior, this rare, original and correct 1958 BMW Isetta 600 “Limousine” (I know its preposterous, but it was BMW’s designation) gets attention wherever it goes.


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    After six months of tirelessly trying to track down a list of very difficult to find, correct OEM BMW Isetta 600 parts necessary for putting the finishing touches on our car, we are now proud to offer for sale this exceptionally rare, original, and correct 1958 BMW Isetta 600 Limousine. Finished in black over a beautiful two-tone red and white interior, this particular Isetta 600 presents more dramatically and spectacularly than any other Isetta we have seen or driven. We have owned some of the greatest sports cars to every be produced, and without question this little BMW has received as much if not more attention by general onlookers. An outing never goes unnoticed in this car and you can also count on a few thumbs up and waves along the way.

    The car is cosmetically stunning. The black finish is deep and lustrous and nearly flawless, with an incredibly straight body and excellent panel fit. We have had the bright work refinished and the aluminum trim polished. The correct hubs on each wheel are new. Much of the cars rubber and seals have been replaced with correct material. It is an absolutely gorgeous and original example. The interior offers a beautiful contrast to the cars exquisite exterior detailing. The seats are in excellent shape, free of creasing, tears, cracking, discoloration, etc. The dash and interior spare wheel cover are perfect. The headliner is in great shape and the carpets present nicely. The engine and transmission were completely removed from the car and the engine compartment was detailed. Having been a Southern California car for nearly all its life under the care of only two owners from the same family, the underside is completely solid and correct.

    Our in-house German Master mechanic, who has worked on many Isetta’s over the years, has extensively serviced the car. His most recent repairs include a full braking system overhaul (slave cylinder, master cylinder, pads, etc.), a new clutch, replacement of the transmission input shaft, new battery, removal of the gas tank and servicing to the fuel systems, and overall tuning. The car was properly set up for storage prior to our acquisition of the car, and we have since put it back into strong running order. It’s original 582 cc twin engine puts out more power than the 300 Isetta, giving the 600 a slight edge in performance and future appreciation in value.

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