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1958 BMW Isetta “Landespolizei”


Of all the unique, classic or collector cars that we’ve owned, no single model garners more attention than the BMW Isetta, and this well-sorted “Landespolizei” 300 is without question the most fun example we’ve ever had the pleasure of driving.


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    If you’re looking for an BMW Isetta, you’re looking for something unique, something that draws attention, something that will make you stand out, whether it’s on the street, in front of your business or at a car show in your area. Yes, the Isetta is the car that saved BMW, yes, it has charming, space-age Italian designed lines, yes, it’s arguably the world’s best-loved micro-car; but ultimately the model’s history and aesthetic appeal are overshadowed today by it’s sheer ability to make people point and smile, and no other Isetta does it better than the example offered here today.

    Head-turning and ceaselessly charming, this 1958 BMW Isetta 300 “Landespolizei” model is finished in requisite and hard-to-find Police Green (Polizeigruen, BMW Color Code 758) over a tan interior. “Landespolizei” translates loosely to “State Police”, and as hard as it may be to imagine, many German local and federal agencies (including the State Police) utilized the small, albeit cost effective and dependable Isetta for any number of tasks. Featuring all of the correct Landespolizei insignias and fonts, an original and fully functional Eisemann RKLE 90 flashing blue light and twin modulating Bosch Supertone sirens with their distinct European tone, this example is certainly an attention grabber, although for legality’s sake we’d recommend not engaging the light or siren when on public roads. Of all the unique, classic or collector cars that we’ve owned, no single model garners more attention from other drivers and pedestrians than the BMW Isetta. And of all the Isettas that we’ve owned over the years, none have come close to drawing the same attention as this “Landespolizei” 300. Thumbs ups, waves and requests for photographs run rampant – people just can’t help but feel good in this car’s presence.

    Restored a few years ago, the car presents beautifully, its deep green finish consistent, lustrous and free of any significant imperfections. The car’s body is completely straight and its undercarriage is solid and clean, the car exhibiting absolutely no evidence of rust.  The interior is also in great shape, the tan seat and interior panels showing only minimal wear, the correct rubber floor lining flawless and the canvas sunroof clean and fully functional. All the finished interior surfaces (steering wheel, instrument hub, e-brake, etc.) are also in very good condition, as is all of the chrome, including flawless new hubcaps on color-matched wheels that are wrapped in tires with plenty of remaining tread.

    Mechanically the car is in excellent shape, its original one cylinder, four stroke 298cc engine starting easily and idling consistently. The car shifts well, pulling through each of its gears strongly, and it’s also quite sure footed on the road, handling tightly on its incredibly short wheelbase and driving and braking straight and true. Surprisingly peppy, the car is as much fun to drive as it is to look at, although despite its livery, we’re skeptical that you’ll be pulling over any speeders on the Autobahn. The car has recently received a considerable amount of service, with the brakes, clutch, flywheel and carburetor having all been gone through using only correct BMW parts. Everything works as it should and the car needs nothing to be enjoyed, save for a proud new owner.

    Isettas have skyrocketed in value in recent years with auction examples of standard 300 models routinely fetching $50k+ and showing no signs of slowing. The Bruce Weiner Microcar auction held by RM Auctions last year saw many rare examples knock on the door of $100k, including a similar 1961 Isetta 300 Police Car that sold for a whopping $86,200. With our much more reasonable asking price, this is an excellent opportunity to acquire a beautiful and solid example of a wonderful investment grade car, whether it be for the serious collector/investor, a promotional vehicle for a business owner or a unique driver for the weekend enthusiast.

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