1967 Austin Healey 3000 MKIII BJ8


Stunning, numbers matching, final year, rust-free BJ8 Phase II finished in strikingly aggressive Black with Colorado Red coves and knock-off wire wheels.


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    Offered for sale is a stunning, numbers matching, final year, rust-free 1967 Austin Healey 3000 MKIII BJ8 finished in strikingly aggressive Black with Colorado Red coves to accentuate the already gutty 3000 styling. With Healey prices routinely fetching sales prices nearing six figures, they represent a unique segment of the classic car market: highly collectible with good appreciation potential, but with strong #2 drivers still priced somewhat accessibly so that you can actually enjoy driving them. Which is a good thing, because they are far too fun to drive to relegate them to garages or trailers on the way to shows. This car is no exception. A rust-free, mechanically strong and numbers matching example, it will undoubtedly provide its next owner with countless enjoyable driving experiences in an asset that will only increase in value over time.

    The car’s finish is in excellent condition, deep, lustrous and marred only by exceedingly minor imperfections, none of which appear in any of the pictures. The body is completely straight without any dings or evidence of accident repair. The car’s brightwork is in great original condition, as is the glass and rubber. The knock-off wire wheels show only negligible wear and are wrapped in tires with plenty of remaining tread. The car’s soft top has been replaced and and fits tightly, retaining a clear rear window. The car’s interior is equally clean, the seats, carpets and interior panels all in very good original condition. The wood dash inlays show typical cracking in their thick gloss coating, however the veneer is in great shape underneath and the inlays can be easily refinished should that be the next buyer’s wish.

    The car is free of rust in both the body and the undercarriage and we can send additional photos to any interested parties upon request. The car is also in great shape mechanically. Starting without any hesitation or smoke, the numbers matching engine idles consistently and pulls with grin-inducing BJ8 force. The car shifts smoothly through each of its gears without any grinding or slipping and the car drives and brakes straight. It’s a joy behind the wheel, a visceral rush whether roaring through the canyons or cruising down the highway, and there’s not a more fun car in the vintage market to go to dinner in on a warm summer evening.

    This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a wonderful appreciating classic with all the right things going for it: final model year, rust-free, numbers matching, mechanically strong and finished in an impressive color combination.

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