1967 Jaguar 3.8S Saloon


Gorgeous, well-sorted example of a quickly appreciating model that topped the venerable Mark II upon its inception.


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    Offered for sale is a stunning 1967 Jaguar 3.8s with a 4-speed manual transmission and overdrive. This rust free, two owner, original example is in exceptional condition. The car has never seen weather, and has always been garaged and meticulously maintained. Its first owner was a doctor who spared no expense in rebuilding its original 3.8s engine, transmission, and suspension before recently transferring ownership of the vehicle to his business associate who has put less than 800 miles on the car since its mechanical overhaul.

    As the photographs illustrate, the car is in excellent shape aesthetically. The British Racing Green paint is deep and lustrous and free of dings and scratches. According the owners, the car was taken down to bare metal and professionally painted while its mechanical components were out of the car for rebuilding. The body is extremely straight and all panels are original with their correct gaps. The interior is absolutely beautiful and original. The front seat was recovered in the correct leather due to slight cracking on the drivers side seat cushion. The rear seats are original and gorgeous, exhibiting a beautiful patina. The wood is original and nearly perfect considering it has not been touched. The car takes your breath away. There is not a weekend outing where this exquisite Jaguar goes unnoticed.

    The car is a mechanical wonder. The suspension is tight, the transmission is smooth, and the engine is extremely strong. The compression is perfect. Whether you plan on using the car for the occasional Sunday afternoon drive or long cross country road tours, this particular Jaguar 3.8s will not let you down. I encourage all seriously interested buyers to confirm the car’s exceptional condition through a professional inspection. This is a very special car. You will not be disappointed.

    Jaguar marketed the 3.8S saloon essentially as a plusher, more luxurious version of the popular Mark II. Additionally, it had the E-Type’s independent rear suspension and, because it was necessary to re-design the body around this upgraded suspension, had a more pronounced, elongated rear end than the Mark II, while still sharing it’s monocoque shell. Consequently, it also had a much larger trunk, as well as a more luxurious, comfortable ride. The 3.8 liter, 87mm bored straight 6 produces a robust 245 horsepower, and despite the car’s weight, when mated with the 4-speed manual transmission (as it is on this car), the performance is smooth, yet undeniably athletic.

    Original vintage S-Type saloons in this condition are rising steadily in value and are getting harder and harder to find. To come upon a strong running, straight and rust free example such as this is a fantastic opportunity for any Jaguar enthusiast, be it a new-comer to the marque or veteran collector. If you are a serious buyer, this car deserves your consideration.

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