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1988 Porsche 928 S4


Arguably the finest 928 S4 available on the market, this impeccable example has just 9,800 original miles.


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    Offered for sale is arguably the finest example of a 1988 Porsche 928 S4 available on the market today. When the 928 came out it was absolutely the car to have. As Porsche’s first seriously expensive GT car, the 928 drew the ire of Porsche enthusiasts worldwide upon its announcement. But as soon as they realized it wasn’t built to replace the beloved 911 (just compliment it in an enthusiast’s garage), opinions changed. A big V8 Autobahn bomber, the 928 was far more civilized than the 911, boasting big comfortable seats, power everything, usually an automatic transmission and all the Star Wars/Reagan era futuristic design elements that a successful 1980’s man could ask for. From Cannes to Beverly Hills, if you were somebody you would have walked into a dealership and bought a 928 S4. Whether making the trip from Milan to Monaco on vacation or Los Angeles to San Francisco on business, the 928 was (and arguably still could be), the car of choice, providing a wonderful drive quality without frustrating your wife. It’s a true GT cruiser; extremely comfortable with a V8 that has great torque, which makes driving effortless. Furthermore, in following with Porsche’s legendary legacy, the handling is great and the looks are timeless.

    Boasting just 9,800 original miles, this car is as close to factory new as you can get. The exterior, having never been altered (i.e. no accidents, no panel replacements, etc.) is quite literally immaculate. The paint is flawless and entirely original, a beautiful blue grey metallic that hasn’t been replicated in nearly two decades. All of the panel fits ands gaps are factory perfect. The car is as close to showroom perfect as you’ll find, straight down to the interior. The seats are excellent, showing only the most insignificant wear. The headliner, interior panels, carpets and dash are in great shape, indicative of a 9,800 mile car. The secondary panels in the rear show some typical warpage, but that’s the only noticeable flaw in the interior and not one easily noticed. The car is completely stock with the exception of a later Blaupunkt unit that puts out excellent sound.

    Mechanically the car is excellent. Both aesthetically and mechanically, it truly feels like 9,800 mile car. Despite its low miles, the car was always regularly driven and serviced and always garaged and professionally detailed. It starts effortlessly, producing a low rumble to announce its 316hp 5.0L V8. It’s smooth through all of the gears, pulling with incredible force when asked. With its quiet cabin and even drive quality, it’s very easy to look down at your gauges on the freeway and realize you’re doing 95mph when you assumed you were only a hair over 70. Despite the fact it’s a front engine V8, it’s still a Porsche and it performs with poise in the canyons as well as on the freeway.

    This is an excellent opportunity at what may be the finest 928 on the market. Tasteful colors, impeccable condition, low miles, 5.0L engine, etc. etc. If you’ve been looking for one, it doesn’t get better than this.

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