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1989 Porsche 911 Speedster


Stunning 100% original, two Southern California owner 1989 Porsche 911 Speedster with a mere 3,767 original miles and finished in Grand Prix White over Cashmere Beige leather with factory color matched Grand Prix White Fuchs wheels.


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    A dedicated website for this Speedster can be found at:


    A short video of the car can be viewed below:

    Offered for sale for the first time in nearly 27 years is a stunning 100% original, two Southern California owner 1989 Porsche 911 Speedster with a mere 3,767 original miles and finished in Grand Prix White over Cashmere Beige leather with factory color matched Grand Prix White Fuchs wheels. One of 2,104 Speedsters produced, 823 of which were built for the US market, this remarkable example was originally ordered through Max Dial Porsche of Inglewood, CA by Cabiglio, S.p.A. of Signal Hill, CA, the firm owned by Southern California Porsche authority and broker Sam Cabiglio. If you were a celebrity or high profile collector in search of a Porsche in the greater Los Angeles area during the 1980s and 90s, Sam Cabiglio is who you’d turn to for sourcing the best possible example, and in later years he become well known as Jerry Seinfeld’s advisor and collection manager.

    Cabiglio S.p.A. sold the Speedster to a Mr. James Franklin of Long Beach, CA for $80k (total $86,850) on 7/18/90 with 48 miles on the odometer. Mr. Franklin enjoyed the car for the next 20 months and +/-2,200 miles before it was acquired on 3/11/92 by its current owner, a doctor and collector from Santa Barbara, CA. The car joined the doctor’s tasteful collection, sharing a garage with a Porsche 930 and 928, one of the first Beck 550 Spyders, a Lamborghini Miura, DeTomaso Mangusta, Ferrari Testarossa, Acura NSX, etc., etc. The doctor would drive the car sparingly – 1,483 miles to be exact – between 1992 and 2013, at which point health issues caused it to put away in storage. Now being offered on behalf of the second owner’s trust, the Speedster was recently mechanically gone through and sorted by well-known local Porsche specialist Schneider Autohaus following its +/-6 years of storage, and is now ready to be enjoyed by its next owner.

    Remaining 100% original and having been in the care of two fastidious owners for the past three decades, the Speedster is in predictably exceptional condition. The factory original Grand Prix White finish is gorgeous, marred only by a handful of exceedingly minor imperfections (detailed below and in the photo gallery), cloaking an entirely straight body that’s never been involved in any accidents whatsoever, retaining factory consistent panel fits and gaps. All of the original glass, trim and rubber are in excellent condition, as are the color-matched Fuchs wheels, wrapped in brand new Pirelli P-Zero Rosso tires. The car’s undercarriage is free of any damage or rust, retaining much of its original cosmoline.

    The car’s interior is equally as clean, the original Cashmere leather seats, carpets and interior panels are effectively in showroom condition. The dash is free of any cracks or warping, as are the door pockets/armrests. Sheepskins were fitted on the seats in the 1990s for preservation, so there are soft depressions in the leather caused by the covers’ elastic that will recede with time. The original Blaupunkt Charleston radio functions as intended, as do all electronics and gauges. The climate control system is fully functional, however the A/C does not blow cold. The original soft top is free of any noticeable wear, retaining a clear plastic rear window.

    The inspection performed by Schneider Autohaus references scuffs on the left rear fender and front bumper cover, however those issues were entirely superficial and polished out during detailing. The car’s only minor cosmetic imperfections are documented in the photo gallery and are as follows:

    • Tiny rock chip in the hood, below the badge to the left.

    • Soft depression and hairline crack in the finish on the rear decklid.

    • Wear marks on the left and right corners of the rear decklid’s third brake light (likely caused by a tight car cover).

    • Small wear mark on the top corner of the driver side rear fender where the soft top meets the body (the adjacent black mark is glue from the seal that must have seeped during factory installation).

    • Driver side rear bumper beading is loose at the wheel arch.

    The car is also mechanically superb. There are no leaks, no smoke at start-up, power is strong and consistent and the car drives and brakes straight and true. Following Schneider Autohaus’ recent service, no additional service is necessary/recommended and the car is entirely turn-key. The original, numbers matching 3.2L flat six cylinder engine starts effortlessly, idles consistently and pulls strongly and smoothly through each of the G50 transmission’s gears. Ride quality is fantastic, as are handling and braking, and the Speedster is a joy to drive, comfortable yet grin inducing, with balanced, visceral driving experience that only an air-cooled 911 can provide.

    The Speedster comes with its original books and manuals, complete factory tool kit, air compressor, space-saver spare tire, multiple keys, Porsche Production Specification sheet (COA), clean CarFax report, original sales invoice and a folder of records and registration documents from the second owners’ 27+ years of ownership.