Vehicle sourcing


Whether you’re looking for a vintage Aston Martin or a new Mercedes, through our network of contacts and relationships in the industry, as well as our ability to access manufacturer and private auctions, we can find the vehicle you’re looking for and secure it at the best possible price. Any marque, any year and just to your specifications.

We understand that buying a car demands serious time and (likely) frustration for most consumers and we’re here to help. Whether it is your rare or vintage dream car, a low mileage late model or a brand new model tailored to your unique tastes, we can swiftly broker a deal and handle all the necessary logistics so that your new vehicle is delivered as described without your having to lift a finger.

With our considerable buying experience we can ensure that any vehicle we broker for you will meet all of your standards – no accidents, no title issues, no shoddy paint cover-ups. And we don’t just rely on often-faulty vehicle history services like Carfax. We personally inspect all potential vehicles so that you’re irrefutably satisfied with your purchase.

Please give us a call if you’re in the market. We’ll happily research your desired vehicle, locate exactly what you’re looking for and discuss the kind of pricing to which we’re privy

Interested in our brokerage and location services?
Please feel free to call us at (805) 202-4557 or fill out the contact form below.

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