1967 Jaguar Mark II 3.8


Fully restored in 2004, this exceptional example is concurrently stately and aggressive. Done correctly, rust-free and impeccable mechanically, the car certainly makes a statement.


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    Offered for sale is a truly stunning 1967 Jaguar MK II Saloon finished in aggressively appropriate two-tone Silver and Black over a black leather interior.  The MK II had all of the fixings of the new Jaguar saloons: headlights incorporated into the fenders, swooping graceful lines and brightwork that verged on the embarrassing; in short, everything that the proper 1960s gentleman had come to expect. But the MK II was a different, more evolved cat. One that had learned that aggression was not only to be respected, but also praised.  And in its time there was no other sedan that better coupled sensual styling, wonderful performance and a pugnacious stance. It was undoubtedly the stiff-upper-lip’s version of a confident bachelor’s saloon. It paid respect to convention while simultaneously embarrassing it.

    No other sedan of the era so well melds elegance, exclusivity and hostility. The fact is that the MK II looks mean, and almost irreparably. We all thought the E-Type had satisfied all of Jaguar’s aggression, but we were wrong. The MK II in profile looks like an understated mound of tasteful malevolence – ready to lose it and spring at any moment. In following, it’s the prototypical youthful executive’s (or MI-5 chief’s) personal saloon. Its stance suggests pent up inertia, albeit ever proper. And let’s face it, shall we? Everything that followed (namely the XJ) didn’t really hold a candle. As illuminated by current valuations.

    This exceptional example of a MK II leaves few excuses for the Jaguar enthusiast. Fully restored in 2004 (both mechanically and cosmetically), this example was a 96-point Jaguar Club event winner. And having experienced careful ownership and maintenance since, legitimate complaints are few, far between and borderline immaterial. Is the paint flawless? No. There are existing imperfections, although none of them are significant enough to appear in any of the photographs.  Is the brightwork perfect? No. Upon close (six inches away) inspection it shows its relatively young age. Is the interior new? No. It’s seven years old. Can you find a better weekend/parade MK II? I sincerely doubt it. And in that vein, is this the best MK II on the market. Yes. And for the seasoned collector, is this the best platform for an effortless restoration for show quality (involving indisputably minimal cost and time)? Unquestionably. But please don’t let me degrade the car too much.

    As the pictures exhibit, the car’s finish is truly stunning – deep, lustrous and indelibly sexy. All of the glass and chrome is consummately “pride-of-ownership” inducing. All of the interior wood is flawless, nearly too perfect to be adequately photographed. I suppose I just don’t like seeing my reflection in any of the pictures. The interior is in gorgeous condition and entirely correct. And that’s not only relegated to the seats, as the interior panels and felt headliner are as new as well. The knock-off wire wheels are wrapped in nearly new “Red-Line” tires.

    Mechanically the car has no discernable issues. No overheating, no visible leaks, no typical Jaguar behavior. That our relatively small hamlet has but a few relevant mechanics’ shops isn’t ideal, but Roy Miller, proprietor of East West Motors, a vintage British car mechanic with 40+ years experience (and a Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Judge), is well versed in this MK II and has no complaints to levy. He is available to serious buyers for confirmation upon request. But in the meantime, the car starts easily, idles consistently and effortlessly, pulling strongly and smoothly through each of its gears. Without any concerns I just drove the car to the artist/spa village of Ojai (something like 60 miles away, and back) without any problems. This is a rare opportunity at an incredible MK II.

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