2005 Ford GT


With just 1,700 responsibly driven original miles, this legitimate supercar is immaculate and untouched.


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    Offered for sale is a truly impeccable, 1,700 original mile 2005 Ford GT, the reincarnation of the unmistakable and arguably unparalleled GT40. When asking about the Ford GT throughout the community of supercar aficionados, it’s common to hear a similar response: “As good or better than anything I’ve ever driven.” Poised and precise, with its grippy front and rowdy tail, this car is everything a true driving enthusiast could ask for. It certainly enters the argument over America’s best car, if not crushing the competition outright. For those of you familiar with Top Gear, I suggest searching YouTube for the Ford GT episode. Jeremy Clarkson, (the boisterously entertaining host) proclaims it to be his favorite car ever, and he backed that up by buying