Why Consign with Ride Quality?




In the more than 14 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve sold countless classic, exotic and special interest vehicles, providing us a breadth of market knowledge, a large database of qualified buyers, proven marketing & sales methods, and a rolodex full of industry contacts and tradesmen. We’re also uniquely positioned to provide our clients guidance on any potential mechanical or cosmetic improvements to help get the very most for their car and can oversee that process should it be in the owner’s best interest.


Unlike a vast majority of dealerships, we don’t just take a few careless photographs in our parking lot, write a vague and all too brief description and paper Craigslist with ineffective ads. We utilize industry leading photography, comprehensive, well-considered descriptions & straightforward, professional sales interactions with prospective buyers. We go to great lengths to ensure that every car we take on consignment is represented in the very best light, justifying & even adding value in an effort to attain the highest possible sales price.


While in our possession, your car is treated with the utmost care, stored inside our alarm monitored warehouse and driven only by our capable staff for the purposes of photography & customer showings. Our Hagerty commercial insurance policy covers all consignment cars, so you can rest assured that your asset is well protected until it is sold. Also, unlike many dealerships, it is our policy that the consignor holds on to their car’s title until a sale has been completed and the consignor has been paid.